‘Angazi, but I’m Sure’ Public Lectures

Listen to a selection of thought-provoking public lectures from faculty members of ‘Angazi, but I’m Sure’, Session 2 of the RAW Academy at RAW Material Company, Dakar conceived and directed by Chimurenga.

“Angazi, but I’m sure” is a common South African phrase simply meaning “I don’t know, but I am sure”. It is a deliberately self-contradictory phrase that is usually spoken in prelude to a reply. The respondent is uncertain – of what they “know”. Or, perhaps, they are certain, but they do not know how to speak it. Or, they know, but do not know what they know. Exploring new sets of questions, which require their own set of tools; ‘Angazi, but I’m Sure’ imagined new practices and methodologies that allow us to engage the lines of flight, of fragility, the precariousness, as well as joy and creativity and beauty that define the contemporary African moment.

‘Angazi, but I’m Sure’ is Chimurenga in collaboration with Yemisi AribisalaNeo MuyangaJean-Pierre BekoloIbou FallDominique MalaquaisJihan el TahriKodwo EshunClapperton MavhungaPhilippe RekacewiczFelwine SarrLionel Manga, Victor Gama, Laila Soliman and more.




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