An email i sent folks early this morning

Okay folks, spring is springing so that means, in Cape Town, the Pan African Space Station is on the launch pad and about to take you to where you need to be.
If you wish to witness the lift-off live then you should come through the PASS studios at 44 Long Street late Saturday (11 September)…Hey, that’s today….
It’s a long countdown and lift off…
Just to let you know, the third stage booster will be a Big Band at ’round Midnight…
…and there will be early Sunday morning food — bring Rands
…Be there or Be rectangular…
Otherwise – you can tune in for the next 30days to the broadcasts…the end of the month will give you an opportunity to experience one of the most unique music events this planet has to offer (thanks Heliocentrics).
But don’t take my words for it; check the site at:


  1. L’Italia è in casa. bello essere a casa udito. tutto il mio amore e mancanti. xs

    - stacy
  2. ‘ola Pass-cast crew

    All strength to the station and the series of concerts.

    I had the privilege of interviewing Raphael Anker (founder of the Imperial Tiger Orchestra) earlier today for an article to appear next week in the Weekend Argus. He’s an animated and engaging artist and the adventures he’s had – both musically and otherwise – with the band promise a set of superb concerts in South Africa. Not the least of which was their concert in Addis Ababa – a nerve-wracking experience for a group of Swiss musicians playing (and interpreting) Ethiopian music (happily, the Orchestra was well received).

    Side note: the band all have strong improv backgrounds, some of them with an experimental bent. Any chance of side-show PASS jams?

    Thank you for bringing this music to Afrique du Sud, and here’s to another fine 30 days of excellent music.


    - evan milton
  3. Evan – you know how we do…just travel with that bottle. See you soon.

    - PASS


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