Aino and Tricont, live at Chimurenga Library, Helsinki

TRICONT was founded in Helsinki in September 1968 as “a group of people studying the problems of the Third World, world capitalism and imperialism“. Its goal was the “active support for liberation movements and their armed struggle“ by distributing information and organizing events. From 1968 onwards the group published a series of xerox-copied booklets. The magazine/journal TRICONT appeared from 1969 until 1973.

Aino Korvensyrjä is an artist and historian engaging for mobility rights. She is currently writing a dissertation on German aliens law, addressing the colonial history and the persisting coloniality of European borders. Together with activists based in Germany she is also conducting video activist co-research on German deportation practices. She is active in the Free Movement Network Helsinki, co-editor of Signal magazine and member of the German kritnet.


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