A cockroach-eye view of life

A cockroach-eye view of life for Marechera (selected by Mr Miles & xs)


For Marechera: A cockroach-eye view of life, as seen from bedding down on other people’s floors.


01 Lesego Rampolokeng “End Beginnings” (off End Beginnings with Kalahari Surfers) – for my partner in the Bush of Ghosts
02 Archie Shepp “Poem For Malcolm” (off Poem for Malcolm; Paris 1969 – Philly Joe Jones on the drums)
03 Lefifi Tladi & Johnny Dyani “Giant Steps soundtrack” (edit off kagablog)
04 John Coltrane “OM (closing invocation)” (off afro-blue; with Pharoah Sanders and Trane’s classic quartet)
05 Julius Eastman “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?” (1977 – for violin, 2 French horns, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, piano, 2 chimes and 2 basses)
06 Albert Ayler “Masonic Inborn Pt.1″ (off Music is the Healing Force of the Universe” – the pipes, the (bag)pipes are calling!)
07 Betty Davis “Anti Love Song” (off Betty Davis, 1973)
08 Miles Davis “Rated X” (off Jazz Satellites Vol. I 1996 – mid-70s Miles, originally off Get Up With It.)
09 John and Alice Coltrane “Living Space” off Infinity (posthumous LP where Alice overdubbed her harp, strings and Indian drones -written out of Trane’s discography by critics)
10 Jeanne Lee “Angel Chile (Naima)” off Conspiracy
11 Tracie Morris “From Slave Sho to Video aka Black but Beautiful”


12 Brenda Fassie “Weekend Special” (off Brenda & the Big Dudes)
13 Felix Laband “Donkey Rattle” (off 4/4 Down the Stairs)
14 Zola “Woof Woof” (off Mdlwembe)
15 Wu-Tang Clan “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (feat. Erykah Badu and John Frusciante; off 8 Diagrams)
16 John Zorn (feat. Mike Patton vocals) “The Ballad of Hank McCain” (off The Big Gundown tribute to Ennio Morricone) – this one for Obama
17 340ml “Take On Me” (unlisted hidden track off Sorry for the Delay promo CD)
18 James Blood Ulmer “Lonely Woman” (Ornette cover off the Tales of Captain Black)
19 Archie Shepp “Blase” (featuring Jeanne Lee)
20 Charles Gayle “Thy Peace”
21 Sun Ra & his Astro Infinity Arkestra play the “Door Squeak” (off Strange Strings)
22 What to do about smooth jazz? Abraxasaxophonics “Unkown” (off Smooth Jazz Vagina: Creation Music Vol Iⅈ Old Time Relijun leader Arrington de Dionyso goes skronking sax improv over a smooth jazz radio broadcast)
23 and for the Captain: “Crazy Nigger”, Julius Eastman


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