3D Thoughts on Education

Dissecting the importance of education and the systematic exclusion of alternative education. This we explore today through the interaction with our panel, in situ audience and you.



  1. who is this dude? where’s the music?

    - Lolita
  2. This is an interactive space…where everybody sitting in the room particpates in the discussion. this session is presented by lelethu Gondagwana…

    musicians named Unico Muzico will begin the program.

    they will be joined on stage by Thandolwethu, host presenter. Themba, from equal education, Nosipho from a literacy campaign of an NGO based here in Cape Town will also respond.

    Unico Musico..the brother learnt how to play with a reed. his grandfather taught him how to play. the drummer and him play at the Waterfront.

    cheick anta diop. the origin of civilisation is the mother continent.the first civilisations had ancient schools of knowledge..education is the information to better
    the discussion may take a interesting route this afternoon as Thandolwethu presents his thoughts on the foundations which ancient civilisation were based on…

    cheickh anta diop…the greatest of civilations originated on the mother continent where there where institutions of learning..education

    3D Thought Sessions ( update )


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