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  1. Hey y’all…. Scara is on as your spouse.

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  2. i got Zam aka Gux King Producer in the building. We going spazanatic this morning. Firstly, will be doing a review on the late taycee’s album. Then Zam will blog more on how did he managed to pull it off. let’s hit it!

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  3. Zam’s Intro following after we had a bruise listening to track 1-6.
    Track 1 – Qhawula Amakhamandela
    Track 2 – Imali Ngundoqo
    track 3 – Giant Skill
    Track 4 – Makhumalo “now playing”

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  4. Talk about putting the game in another level.. Alicelibo Music got the skill right? Zam can you tell introduce yourself, Where you from, What kind of music is alicelibo focused on producing and when did you start?

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  5. Hey guys Zam here. Would firstly like to thank Scara and al of you for having me on the show.
    Alicelibo Music is based in township of Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa.
    That’s where I reside aswell.
    Alicelibo Music is basically a music house and what ever type of music is accomodated.
    I started the company in 1996 to be axact under a different name and changed it in 2004
    to Alicelibo Music. Alice is my mom and Libo is my Aunt.

    I produce for artists, tv agencies, radio, church groups and a whole lot of other media
    that basically involves music in any way.

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  6. The couple of tracks which were playing are as follows:
    Track 6 – Feel my hunger
    Track 7 – Out there
    Track 8 – Giant
    Track 9 – Mazbhamuke
    Zam tell us where do you see yourself in 5 years as regards to aliccelibo Music?

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  7. The company has bigger plans out side Cape Town and possibly outside South Africa.
    During the World Cup I produced 3 advertisement jingles for an American Media house and am sure will be doing more work for them as my style of sound is not what they normaly hear.

    In that time Timo Abdul Aziz Pahad and Bangsta’s albunms should have been out or two for each matter of fact.

    I have a dvd coming out soon The Gux King Producer DVD that will showcase the art and work behind the work and the talent that goes into making Alicelibo Music what it is today and will be in the future.

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  8. Cool man. Who said Hip-Hop is not in africa. This is where it’s at. the track playing is Miczilla Part 1.

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  9. Have some of your artists perform in other parts of the country like the other big cities i.e Jo’burg, Durban, PE, Bloemfontein or around the region of the Western Cape and if yes, what challenges do you encounter differently than your home or comfort zone?

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  10. Ow yeah. Timo has performed in New York but he was part of the team then but his experience has definetly impacted greatly in the plans having the team trying to get as nuch appearances as possible outside the Cape region.
    Last year after Taycee’s passing we picked up and headed to the Eastern Cape to a small town called Cala. A local radio station has been supporting Alicelibo Music since 2008 when we started sending them material.
    They invited us over and we gave a killer performance. The\ greatest experience about it all was having different artists from the samll towns around the small cities opening up the gig for us and the support they shown to these Cape borners.

    The challenges of having gigs outside our region is basically accomodation and transport experienced by those requesting us to visit and perform in their ares.
    Other than than we always find a way to make the exeperience as smooth as possible.

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  11. The past three tracks you have been listening to are as follows:
    Track – 11 R.I.P
    Track – 12 Giant skit
    Track – 13 21 Gun Salute
    Nice one. Super dope. from me Scara it feels like I knew Taycee.

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  12. Any influences you can point out to your work, it can be any aspect of your life that you think is keeping you going?

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  13. Just sound man. Just listening to anything musical inspires me a whole lot.
    Im basically always in the studio doing something or just creating new beat formulas cause I am getting bored with the same kind and snare formula and that on it’s own has been giving inspiration cause some of the material I have made trying this formula out
    sounds more creative and different than any staff Ive made before.
    Now that’s the kind of energy I need to keep going man.

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  14. Heard that “home sweet home acapella” and Tat’uMandela from Driemanskap. Now playing background crew “baby girl” and now playing ‘Watch out”

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  15. What is your take on followership between Jo’burg and Cape Town?

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  16. Hip-hop wise.

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  17. Playing Siyanibonga from Backyard Crew.. after that we will have “khaltsha stand up” BC

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  18. Well me I find that support is depended on how far you take your material and the reception will be good where ever you take it.
    Region wise its really about a matter of preference to the listener.
    We are on reverbnation.com and we see that Kwazulu Natal and New York play our music more than any other part in the world.

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  19. Sho Mtezo.. Surprise!!!! One of the artists you work with Emage(Image). Now Playing “Music business” Alicelibo music
    Next track “1,2, Left-Right” BC

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  20. Then after that we will play “Yiqhwabe ngempama”(Emage), then we will have “Hardcore” BC…

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  21. Is Emage an artist under Alicelibo Music or he works on a partnership bases?

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  22. To say that he’s not or he is will provide no straight answer. Emage is part of the Family but he runs Gaz’Lerhumusa Entertainment. His the founder the producer and one of the artists of his stable.
    Alicelibo Music Gaz Le Rhumusha Entertainment that’s what I am. Hahahahahaha

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  23. Tracks “Global domination” from timo and after that “Iphupha” followed by “Igubu” lika Mtezman

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  24. Track playing “we’re not the same”, BC then after “Good” Emage, Ayoba Emaga(Image)!
    Introduction “Nyana kaGxarha”

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  25. Now playing “Werhumusha” after that one acapella “sukile” driemanskap

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  26. now playing “ufike emva kwesithonga” Emage. i’m kill it with some house tunes.

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  27. Culoe de song – Halala
    Dj Phira – Ezase kapa

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  28. Infinite boys – Mamela
    kallas – Siren
    and closing with Black Coffee – Zabba

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