Pan African Space Station

The Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a music platform on the internet and in venues across the African world.

PASS Radio: a unique freeform radio station streaming cutting edge music live online 24/7. Live Events: throughout the year, PASS plays host to genre-busting music outfits from global Africa dedicated to exploring new musical territory. More here...

......In space since 2008......

PASS pop-up studio is in orbit! Tune in to the stream to hear sessions from New York, London, Paris and more. Announcements on 2016 landings coming now-now. Check the PASS blog for the latest. Leap here...

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Third Space

Third Space is a collective seeking to unsettle preconceived notions of the other. As cross border transcultural operatives we seek to erase the invisible lines that separate us. Armed with the intangible weapon of sound and the understanding of the power of visual culture,we form cracks in knowledges situated around us. Third Space will be playing truant at the Pan African Space Station agitating new forms of civil (dis)obedience with the echoes of struggles past and present, noise forgotten, remebered …  ( continue reading

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We Travel The Spaceways

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