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Circum-Atlantic Conference: The Future of the African Diaspora


“Afrofuturism, arguably the most famous concept of speculative futures of the African diaspora, originated primarily in the USA, and is associated with artists such as Sun Ra, George Clinton and Octavia Butler. Envisaging a future and presenting this impulse was considered a symbol of liberation. How do contemporary artists and intellectuals of the African diaspora in North and South America, as well as Europe, envision their future today?”

Listen to this talk on PASS. 30/10/2015. 19hoo-21h00

The circum-atlantic conference will bring together speakers in Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and New York, to discuss these issues via live video conference. Speakers include Kodwo Eshun of the prolific Otolith Group, based in London, Cameroonian Bonaventure Ndikung, founder and curator of the Berlin based SAVVY Contemporary art space, Adrienne Edwards, curator, scholar, and writer with a focus on artists of the African diaspora and the global South and Kenyan born, award-winning artist Wangechi Mutu who lives in New York. They will be joined by Viny Rodriguez, Sociologist and member of Sistema Negro, and Leda Martins, poet and essayist, both from Sao Paulo.

Recommended Reading: In the film, In the Year of the Quiet Sunproduced by The Otolith Group postage stamps produced in Ghana between 1957 and 1966 are assembled into a political calendar of pan Africanist images. At “After Year Zero”, Eshun discussed the film, philatelic time travel, pan African pop art, moments of resistance and excavating the past. Watch this discussion here.




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PASS landing at The Showroom, London

In the first week of October (7-11) 2015, PASS presented a live broadcasting programme of music, interviews and events with Chimurenga collaborators, The Otolith Collective (Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar), in London. Areas of interest included the work of photographer George Hallett – who used the book jacket and record sleeve as a curated exhibition space during the apartheid era; a critical look at the concept of and crude distinction drawn between Sub-Saharan and Arab Africa; and FESTAC ’77, the Second World Black and …  ( continue reading

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Sunday 11th October outline

And so, with over 24-hours of broadcasts streamed (and recorded for the arkives) from our London pop-up studio at The Showroom, we enter the final day-eve of sessions. Extending opening hours we commence with a mix direct from Kinshasa, with Kongo Astronauts and friends including Bebson de la Rue. At 2, sorryyoufeeluncomfortable present The Swarm, a sci-fi radio play of sorts led by Yussef Musse. The Otolith Collective reignite Dambudzo Marachera’s fires with Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar in conversation with …  ( continue reading

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Saturday 10th October goings-on

Shaking off the palm-wine babalas, day four, the penultimate of our pop-up at The Showroom, goes live-o now-now. Landing on PASS today: Nadeem Din-Gabisi and Anni Movsisyan of sorryyoufeeluncomfortable salutes Funmilayo Kuti and host Biyi Bandele-Thomas in Ties that Bind, The Otolith Collective welcome Henriette Gunkel, then bossman of Straight No Chaser Paul Bradshaw brings Zak Ové and Hassan Hajjaj to present their visual theories on the airwaves. The third third of today’s sessions shall see Christine Eyene share her knowledge of bikutsi music, …  ( continue reading

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Friday 9th October programme

Day-eve 3’s runnings: sorryyoufeeluncomfortable set us off with Nyasha Lake Wangara and Ewuraba (Radz) Hama Lansiquot looking at Oscillations Over Oceans effect electronic music made in and out of Africa. The Otolith Collective introduce Ayesha Hamed to travel at the speed of thought with Kodwo Eshun and chart Black Atlantis crossings, with Drexiya was a starting point for this technotheory. Kemang Wa Lehulere takes time out of his London stay (and exhibition at Gasworks) to perhaps pick up on a story of …  ( continue reading

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Thursday 8th October London sum’tings

PASS up and orbiting in London! After day one’s sum’tings we welcome Imani Robinson, Mahamed Abdullahi and guests to occupy the sorryyoufeeluncomfortable seats with a show exploring diasporic people finding home. Tony Nwachukwu will then provide a sonic response. African electronics stay in focus as in The Otolith Collective’s session, Kodwo Eshun invites Christian Nyampeta to join him to tops up his Francis Bebey knowledge. Mr Goodgood, Dego then comes with 2000Black-ness. For PASS Me the Microphone Phoebe Boswell transports …  ( continue reading

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Wednesday 7 October runnings

Comin’ on strong for day one of PASS in London at The Showroom: sorryyoufeeluncomfortable‘s open their From Africa to Future transmissions with Laurel Hadleigh and Deborah Findlater  calling “They go say I don’t be a women!” Also launching their 5-day residency The Otolith Collective, our co-curators for The Chimurenga Library, will entertain George Shire and James Currey (give thanks for the book loans). Dambudzo Marachera is with us! Upping the rhythm sections, Barby Asante and  Larry Achiampong will delve into their highlife collections then …  ( continue reading

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PASS POP-UP & The Chimurenga Library at The Showroom in London

From 7 – 11 October 2015,  The Pan African Space Station teamed up with The Showroom and The Otolith Collective to land our pop-up studio. This was done as part of The Chimurenga Library. Featured contributions include Agency for Agency, The Otolith Collective, Christine Eyene, Shabaka Hutchings, Dego (2000 Black), Kinsi Abdullah (Numbi Arts), Pass Me the Microphone (Amanprit Sandhu and Hansi Momodu-Gordon), sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, John Akomfrah, Teju Adeleye, Phoebe Boswell, Paul Bradshaw, Ekow Eshun, Anthony Josephs, Michael McMillan, Christian Nyampeta, George Shire, …  ( continue reading

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