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PASS landing at Performa 15 Hub, New York

From 11 to 15 November 2015, the Chimurenga Library hosted PASS with a live broadcasting programme of music, interviews, and events with Chimurenga collaborators in New York, including musicians, journalists, writers, curators, and filmmakers. The live broadcast studio functioned amidst an installation that brought together pop-up stores that experiment with trade, informal economies, aesthetics and body language, music and spoken word, mobility and infrastructure.

Working with collaborators such as Brooklyn-based African Record Centre and Yoruba Book Center (established 1971); artist and educator Nontsikelelo Mutiti, setup an African hair braiding salon;  and poet, choreographer, and Afrosonics archivist Harmony Holiday, ideas, thinking, and debate moved fluidly between events, transactions, broadcasts, conversations, music and records, publications, archive material, services, and objects.

Participants in the PASS program included: South African composer Neo Muyanga; Africa is a Country; Hisham Aidi, the author of Rebel Music: Race, Empire and the New Muslim Youth Culture; Moroccan poet Omar Berrada; Cuban-American artist and writer Coco Fusco; curator and choreographer Rashida Bumbray (in conversation with African Arts Festival in Brooklyn); poet, fiction writer, and playwright Rashidah Ismaili AbuBakr; Somali novelist Abdi Latif Ega; journalist and broadcaster Giovanni Russonello; and photographer Marilyn Nance.

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PASS presents tectonik:TOMBWA – A solo performance by Victor Gama

  Pan African Space Station presents tectonik:TOMBWA – a solo performance by composer and instrument designer Victor Gama on Wednesday 15 May from 8pm. Where: Chimurenga Factory (157 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town) Tickets: R100 at the door from 7pm tectonik:TOMBWA In 1983, Angolan anthropologist Augusto Zita N’Gonguenho initiated a research project in the southwest coast of Angola using both scientific and non-western methods such as divinatory practices that stemmed from Angolan knowledge systems. Unfortunately Augusto Zita’s research was interrupted by his …  ( continue reading

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PASS in Harare Daily Runnings: Thursday 9 November

Day 1 of PASS in Harare! Pan African Space Station (PASS) officially lands in The National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) – broadcasting LIVE from 9 – 12 November, 15:00 – 21:00 (CAT) daily. Kudzanai Chiurai will launch his first ever solo exhibition in his home country this afternoon at the gallery titled ‘We Need New Names’. Join us at NGZ or via our live stream. Thursday 9 November 15:00 – PASS opening/music selection 16:00 – Njabulo Mbono and Irene Staunton …  ( continue reading

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PASS Landing at National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

From 9 – 12 November, the Pan African Space Station (PASS) landed in The National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) in the centre of Harare. In collaboration with visual artist Kudzanai Chiurai, who launched his first ever solo exhibition in his home country titled ‘We Need New Names’, Chimurenga installed the PASS studio as a public research platform towards a Zimbabwe focused issue of the Chimurenga Chronic. Looking into the inventions of Zimbabwe, the programming examined music as the paradigm through which the …  ( continue reading

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PASS in Amsterdam: Faustin Linyekula

Faustin Linyekula is Congolese artist, dancer, choreographer and founder of Studios Kabako in Kisangani. Linyekula’s works are inspired by, among other forms, Ndombolo and examines his personal story within the context Congo’s rich yet tumultuous history. In Le Cargo (2011), exploring his own personal narrative, Linyekula investigates his relationship with dance, the physical language through which he has told his country’s stories, as he searches for traces of this cruel history on his body. Faustin Linyekula will be on PASS …  ( continue reading

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Somewhere between a Scream and a Lullaby

In a city where the boundaries between life and death are laid bare, artists are birthing new spaces for dreaming ‘other ways of breathing’. Stacy Hardy reports from Kinshasa. Art is the strength to make reality say what it would not have been able to say by itself or, at least, what it might too easily have left unsaid,” wrote the Congolese novelist and playwright Sony Labou Tansi in 1985. Writing out of the turmoil of post independence, Sony’s texts posed a …  ( continue reading

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Whycome Kamerun be Bass Central?

Lionel Manga explores the place of music in the social and cultural space of ‘this here country’ – a world of ambient, chronic poverty and the land of Manu Dibango.  Night has taken over from day where the Wouri river makes its way out to sea. Thick miasma travels the streets, stinking in the heat. The city’s going beery-eyed: joy and bitters, if you can believe it. It’s back to normal – sort of – but February lingers on the …  ( continue reading

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Gospel Christian Porn Rap

Fucking with the puritanical social mores that pervade the world’s most religious country is the clear and conscious intent of Ghana’s popular and controversial hip-hop duo, the clever FOKN Bois, writes Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah.  M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor are the FOKN Bois: controversial, unapologetic and boldly venturing into territories that other Ghanaian musicians stay well clear of. The duo met as college students in 1997, and Wanlov would “lie to M3nsa’s teachers that M3nsa was needed at the school administration block by staff, and we would run off to …  ( continue reading

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Sorrow, Tears and Blood – R.I.P Fela

Father of Afro-beat. Spiritualist. Pan-Africanist. Commune king. Composer, saxophonist, keyboardist, vocalist, dancer. PASS Chief Priest. Fela Anikulapo Fela, who passed 15 years ago today. He inspired a country and people around the world with his music and fight for freedom and justice. His message lives on. Join the Felabration by listening to Wanlov the Kubulor live @ Slave Church, PASS 2009. As Ntone says, “I think Fela moved to Accra. He lives inside the body of Wanlov the Kubolor.” Follow-follow …  ( continue reading

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Kyle Shepherd: the beauty of it, the danger of it

by Clarissa Cummings The creative artist loathes hyper-intellectualism. Rationalization tends to eradicate emotion. Surrendering passion becomes another way to pay the devil. But what if intellectualism is not of the artist’s personal doing, but instead of his surroundings, not by choice and inescapable? If in a provincial Cape Town home where the household language is colonial British and an appreciation for art, from Bach to Monk, an artist is born? How, if in this home lived a grandfather who every …  ( continue reading

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