PASS is going to Australia!

From 11 -13 April, as part of an exhibition hosted by Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) entitled Shapes of Knowledge, the Pan African Space Station will land in Melbourne, Australia.

In collaboration with artists, activists and cultural workers based in the city, PASS will study, among other histories, Australia’s participation in The Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which took place in Lagos, Nigeria in 1977. Using our studio as a capsule for further entanglement, and FESTAC as a lens through which to locate and imagine new conversations around black internationalism today, we hope to assemble historical fragments of the regions interaction with the African continent as means to acknowledge it’s relevance today. 

More info coming soon!


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Denderah Rising with Georgia Anne Muldrow + Thandi Ntuli Quartet + The Monkey Nuts

In April 2018, we welcomed back Georgia Anne Muldrow and her “ancestral orchestra” feat. Thandi Ntuli Quartet and The Monkey Nuts to Pan African Space Station (PASS). Below is an excerpt of that night. Breathe!  ( continue reading

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PASS landing at La Colonie, Paris

  Chimurenga returned to Paris for a 5-day intervention and installation at La Colonie. From December 13 – 17, 2017, we installed a live radio station and a research library, and hosted talks, screenings and performances that asked ‘Who Killed Kabila?’, as the starting point for an in-depth investigation into power, territory and the creative imagination. The equation was simple: the length of a Congolese president’s reign is proportional to his/her willingness to honour the principle that the resources of …  ( continue reading

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Imperial Tiger Orchestra – LIVE at Albert Hall, Cape Town

Listen to Imperial Tiger Orchestra, featuring Endress Hassan, LIVE at Albert Hall, Woodstock on 1 October 2010. Switzerland based Imperial Tiger Orchestra, in a unique collaboration with Ethiopian singer Endress Hassen, chart a similarly timeless trajectory, mixing ancient Ethiopian traditions with killer big-band hooks and fierce grooves that betray a future-forward electronic vision  ( continue reading

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Kyle Shepherd – LIVE at St Georges Cathedral, Cape Town

Listen to the jazz pianist and composer’s trio set, recorded live at St. George’s Cathedral on 30 September 2010. Kyle Shepherd’s music displays a timelessness that challenges musical dichotomies. A skilled jazz composer, bandleader and pianist, he roots his sound in unique rhythms, harmonies and melodic devices of Cape Town and South Africa. But he’s unafraid to chart new territories, teaming up with fellow young jazz guns Shane Cooper (double bass) and Jonno Sweetman (drums) to fearlessly blaze a trail …  ( continue reading

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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – LIVE at Centre for The Book, Cape Town

Listen to Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, LIVE at The Centre for the Book, Cape Town on 2 October 2009. The nine members of HBE, eight brothers and a cousin, come from an extraordinary musical family. All sisters, brothers and mothers are professional musicians, and Philip Cohran, their father, has roots running back to Mississippi, his time in the musical hothouse of 1940s St Louis, and his role with Sun Ra’s Arkestra in Chicago in the 1950s – but is perhaps best …  ( continue reading

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Toumani Diabate – LIVE at Slave Church, Cape Town (2009)

Listen to Toumani Diabate, recorded live at Slave Church, Cape Town in 2009. Bringing Mandinka history lessons that chart 700+ years., Diabate mediates traditions inherited from Mali’s ancient Mande Empire through globetrotting jazz, blues and electro frequencies. A lifelong Bamako resident, Diabate rose to global acclaim almost 20 years ago when he recorded the world’s first solo kora album Kaira. Since then his career has been characterised by a fierce refusal to erect a line between an ancient locality and …  ( continue reading

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Madala ‘Bafo’ Kunene – LIVE at Slave Church, Cape Town

Listen to Madala ‘Bafo’ Kunene, recorded live at Slave Church, Cape Town on 2 October 2008. Known to many simply as ‘Bafo’, Madala Kunene is undeniably one of the best guitarists to have come out of Durban. This eclectic musician has an aura of calmness and wisdom that is meticulously replicated in his music – deep-rooted in spiritual and traditional rhythms. Bafo has performed his trance-inducing sounds at festivals around the world and collaborated with the likes of Busi Mhlongo, …  ( continue reading

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Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band – LIVE at Assembly, Cape Town

Listen to Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band, recorded LIVE at Assembly, Cape Town on 2 October 2008. Anthony Joseph is a poet, novelist, musician and lecturer described as ‘the leader of the black avant-garde in Britain’. Born in Trinidad, his experimental poetry, fiction, music and spoken word occupies a space between surrealism, jazz and the rhythms of Caribbean speech and sound, creating what he calls ‘liquid textology’. He is the author of two poetry collections and a novel The African …  ( continue reading

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Cindy Blackman Quartet – LIVE at Slave Church, Cape Town

Listen to Cindy Blackman and her quartet, recorded live at Slave Church in Cape Town on 1 October 2008. Cindy Blackman is widely regarded as one of the top drummers in the world. She’s upheld the backbeat and created texture for a veritable Who’s Who in jazz: Jackie McLean, Joe Henderson, Don Pullen, Hugh Masekela, Pharaoh Sanders, Sam Rivers, Cassandra Wilson, Angela Bofill, Bill Laswell, Buckethead. However, she’s better known as keeper of ‘polyriddims’ for funk rocker Lenny Kravitz since …  ( continue reading

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