Studio Kabako Live

Listen to Kisangani (DRC) based dance collective Kabako Studio’s More more more… Future, recorded live at the City Hall on September 28.

Infusing the hybrid rhythms of Ndombolo music with hefty doses of punk rage and cosmic energy, Studio Kabako deliver a pre-Sputnik space travelogue into the unknown. Flying in the face of fatalist perception of Africa, they merge explosive dance and experimental theatre, mysticism and militancy, riddle and confrontation, within a wholly new context, where weird worlds of sound open up before us.


To the seething poems of Antoine Vumilia Muhindo, choreographer Faustin Linyekula, makes dance boil over into trance, while fashion designer Lamine Badian Kouyate (Xuly Bët) gives inventive embodiment to the trailblazing harmonies and energies of the guitarist, Flamme Kapaya and his band. The result is a poetics of autonomy, conceived in sonic, social, aesthetic and economic terms, and prepared to sweating blood for a better future.


  1. Off the chain. These guys are amazing, so much atmosphere and depth in range of sound and innovation. In future you have an opportunity to see them don’t hesitate. Earth will be your spaceship for the duration of the intergalactic journey into the unknown

    - Reza
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