Nothembi Mkhwebane live

Nothembi Mkhwebane live @ Guga S’thebe


WHERE/ WHEN: Guga S’thebe (Sat Oct 2, from 12pm)

African Queen of Ndebele music Nothembi Mkhwebane tunes her electric guitar to both urban and rural traditions, engaging the now through age old verbal idioms of experience, and a polyvocality of tone, tune, and texture; of hue and cry.

Mkhwebane has her roots in rural Mpumalanga where she grew up steeped in Ndebele musical traditions. Since her move to Pretoria in 1977 she has recorded multiple albums, collaborated extensively and formed her own record company.

At once soulful and ecstatic, visually mesmerizing and intellectually challenging, her spectacular performances combine music and song with wildly energetic dance routines and sensational outfits, decorated with typical, intricate Ndebele bead and metalwork. These have secured her a following both in South Africa and abroad and she regularly performs everywhere from cultural gatherings and traditional ceremonies, to big stages in the US, the UK and Europe.

Selected Recordings: KwaZam-Zam (1993); Vukani Bomma (1995); Zimani balibalele (1998); Sihlanganisa Izizwe (2000); Akanamandl’Usathana (2001) and Iiyembezi Zabomma (2004) – all Gallo Records.


  1. we still need to see the old stuff like iphasi lekhethu, samaria and iindaba asihlangani

    - mareme maloma
  2. We miss you mama,queen of queen’s

    - Thipane-isaaih
  3. We miss you mama,queen of queen’s,you change the world

  4. Me and my grandma we lov nothembi ,actualy my grandma. she tech that musical of nothembi.untel now we still love her,i’ll neverforget her ,it will be hestry to me when she die,becouse she is rocking.nothembi god gave u a talente

    - Thipane-isaaih
  5. Mama Nothembi ngiya bonga, i thank you very much for i grew in free state but of of origin i am an Ndebele so i listen to your music all the time to teach myself my home language and culture,custom. Hope to meet with you in the near future, luv u lots

    - Mthandeki Nyamane
  6. I am an Ndebele who grew up in Winterveldt north of Pretoria.I was never taught the language but on hearing Nothembi’s music the first time I just identified with it..I am now living in the UK and I must say one of the closest thing to home is listening to music from Mama Nothembi..She is one underated artist in SA but she is definately much bigger outside the realm of SA..sing Mama sing..You just make me proud to be an Ndebele.

    -Abbey Modukuduku Mothoa

    - Anonymous
  7. Ah guys I’m sorry to say but I Love this mama though I’m a sotho but for real I love her a lot like now I’m proud to date and Ndebele Guy as I’m a guy too and I’m learning ukuGida ngesiNdebele wow I love ndebeles,,,Thumbs up,,,I wish I was one


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