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PASS lands in Cairo


From 17 -19 February 2017, the Pan African Space Station lands in the library of Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) in downtown Cairo.

PASS in Cairo features live readings, performances and conversations with Chimurenga’s collaborators in the city, including Hassan Khan, Amanda KM, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Magdy El Shafee, Amira Hanafi and many more.

From 3-5 pm daily.

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Hassan Khan reads ‘Twelve Clues’


Cairo-based artist and writer Hassan Khan will present a round table discussion interspersed with selections of music and some excerpts from his sci-fi novella, Twelve Clues, live on PASS at the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) library on Friday 17 February from 3-5pm (EET). This short English-language novel, which features 12 clues, 12 chapters and 12 artworks, alludes to a colossal corporation, a ground-breaking science project, humanity, a movie, apes, robots and religion, but complicates the logic of these worlds when they collide with the entangled lives of the …  ( continue reading

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‘Filtered Conversations (Remixed)’ with Amanda KM


Based on her project Filtered Conversations (Remixed), which focuses on the evidence and residue of intimate conversations held between women in Cairo, Amanda KM will have a conversation about previous conversations. She invites Shatha Al Deghady and Ahmed Kubara to have an improvised jam session using loops of sound and voice. Amanda KM will join us in the PASS studio at the library of the Contemporary Image Collective for a live broadcast from 3-5pm (EET) on Thursday 16 February. Amanda KM is …  ( continue reading

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Amira Hanafi with ‘Language as Material’


Amira Hanafi joins us on PASS in Cairo in Sunday 19 February from 4-6pm with Language as Material. She will read selections from her books Forgery (2011) and Minced English (2010), and share recordings from her project, A Dictionary of the Revolution, that documented the amplification of public political speech following the 25 January 2011 uprising in Egypt, Amira Hanafi is a writer and artist living in Cairo. She works with language as a material, documenting multivocal histories that encompass the …  ( continue reading

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Amado Alfadni


  Egyptian-born Sudanese artist Amado Alfadni will be joining us on PASS live from CiC Library in downtown Cairo on Saturday 18 February from 4-5pm. Alfadni will present and explore his ongoing research, which is focused on forgotten historical events and current state policies; the relationship between the included and the excluded; and issues of identity and politics.    ( continue reading

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Mohamed Abdelkarim


Mohamed Abdelkarim constructs a world of sound on PASS live from Contemporary Image Collective in Downtown Cairo on Friday 17 February from 5-6pm. Abdelkarim’s selections will include a collection of productions by Dirar Kalash, Kareem Lotfy Jacqueline George, as well as his own works produced in Karachi, Beirut, Cairo. Mohamed Abdelkarim is a visual/performance artist, based in Cairo. Here is an extract from Episode #1 and #2 of his performance/essay-based project Dramatic Episodes on Locomotion.  ( continue reading

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Magdy El-Shafee


Graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator Magdy El-Shafee joins us on PASS live from the CiC Library, Cairo from 3-4pm on Saturday 18 February. El-Shafee will be taking us through his illustrated works and will be selecting music from his personal collection. He will be joined in conversation with children’s book author, Rania Amin, and scriptwriter Muhammed Abdelaziz.  ( continue reading

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Revisit moments from the PASS landing in Amsterdam


From 11 -15 December 2016, the Pan African Space Station transmitted live in Amsterdam from the OBA Central Library. PASS is an experiment in speaking, listening, playing, partying and community, featuring collaborations with artists and rebels whose practices draw from and respond to a variety of contexts; prompting us, through performance, conversation and other forms, to imagine how worlds connect. Listen to Kodwo Eshun further entangling our imaginations with ‘Music of Resilience’, recorded on day two of the intervention. For more from …  ( continue reading

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Mbizo Lives On and On…


On 30 November 2016, PASS hosted a 24hr live broadcast at Chimurenga HQ in Cape Town, paying tribute to healer, musician, composer and painter Johnny Mbizo Dyani (30 November 1945 – 24 October 1986). Mbizo Day featured music written and/or performed by Johnny Dyani, as well as rare interviews with the artist, comments by people who knew and worked with him, and tributes from people inspired by his life. Revisit moments from this dedication via the Pan African Space Station …  ( continue reading

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PASS in Amsterdam Daily Runnings: Thursday 15 December


Last day of PASS in Amsterdam! Here’s what to look forward to for today. Stay tuned from 14:00 – 20:00 (GMT+1) here on the Pan African Space Station. We travel the spaceways. Thursday 14 December 14:00 – Charl Landvreugd 15:00 – Aurelie Lierman 16:00 – New Urban Collective w/ INSAYNO 17:00 – Jeannine Valeriano & Maarten Ornstein 18:30 – COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS w/ Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler    ( continue reading

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