Pan African Space Station

The Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a music platform on the internet and in venues across the African world.

PASS Radio: a unique freeform radio station streaming cutting edge music live online 24/7. Live Events: throughout the year, PASS plays host to genre-busting music outfits from global Africa dedicated to exploring new musical territory. More here...

......In space since 2008......

PASS pop-up studio is in orbit! Tune in to the stream to hear sessions from New York, London, Paris and more. Announcements on 2016 landings coming now-now. Check the PASS blog for the latest. Leap here...

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Yoruba Names with Kola Tuboson


Kọ́láwọlé Olúgbémiró Ọlátúbọ̀sún (born 22 September 1981) is a Nigerian writer, linguist, and teacher. He is a recipient of the Premio Ostana Special Prize for Mother Tongue Literature 2016. He writes in Yoruba and English.  ( continue reading

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PASS Lagos Daily Runnings: Sunday, 26th June 2016

Pan African Space Station at Freedom Park in Lagos, 23rd -26th of June 2016 The PASS pop-up studio as an intimate, improvisatory live space becomes one for entangling different realities and experiences – with participants and listeners prompted by ideas of utopia and oppression, history and the future, borders, time, art and technology. Recordings from the live sessions culminate in an archive of experiments: speaking, listening, playing, partying and community. From June 23-26, PASS descends on Freedom Park in Lagos, …  ( continue reading

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