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We Travel The Spaceways - The Ghost

We Travel The Spaceways - The Ghost

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Fri 08/12 Who Killed Kabila
Sun 12/11 PASS in Harare Daily Runnings: Sunday 12 November

The Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a periodic, pop-up live radio studio; a performance and exhibition space; a research platform and living archive, as well as an ongoing, internet based radio station.


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Who Killed Kabila

The Pan African Space Station/Chimurenga Library at La Colonie, Paris 13 December – 17 December 2018 Chimurenga returns to Paris for a 5-day intervention and installation at La Colonie. From December 13 – 17, 2017, we will install a live radio station and a research library, and host talks, screenings and performances that asks ‘Who Killed Kabila?’, as the starting point for an in-depth investigation into power, territory and the creative imagination. The equation is simple: the length of a …  ( continue reading

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