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Wed 08/03 She go say I be Lady, oh
Wed 15/02 PASS landing at CiC Library, Cairo

The Pan African Space Station (PASS) is a periodic, pop-up live radio studio; a performance and exhibition space; a research platform and living archive, as well as an ongoing, internet based radio station.


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PASS landing at CiC Library, Cairo


From 17 -19 February 2017, the Pan African Space Station landed in the library of Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) in downtown Cairo. PASS in Cairo featured live readings, performances and conversations with Chimurenga’s collaborators in the city, including Hassan Khan, Amanda KM, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Amado Alfadni, Adham Hafez, Shatha Al Deghady, Magdy El Shafee, Amira Hanafi and many more. Recorded sessions from the landing will soon be available for replay via PASS on Mixcloud.  ( continue reading

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